Gourmet Chocolates & Truffles by Brehmers Candies

Gourmet Chocolate & Truffles

Brehmer’s Handmade Candies offers outstanding gourmet chocolates at reasonable prices.  We use only high quality ingredients in the creation of our candies–fresh cream and butter, freshly squeezed fruit, natural extracts, honey Belgian chocolate, and quality liqueurs–to make gourmet chocolate candies meant to be savored.  We use no preservatives or stabilizers in the creation of our candies.

Most of our truffles are dark chocolate truffles, and we also have a few white chocolate truffle flavors.  We use white chocolate for our truffles when the added flavor is too delicate to come through in a dark chocolate truffle, or because we’ve had a special request for a white chocolate truffle flavor.  We are happy to work with you to create the perfect favor to commemorate your special celebration events, which can include creating a special truffle flavor, made with dark, milk, or white chocolate, in a special shape just for you.  Many of our other gourmet chocolate candies can be shaped for your special event, and we can do gourmet chocolate-dipped and decorated cookies as well.

For your holiday-specific parties and gifts, we offer seasonally appropriate gourmet chocolate candies, dark and white chocolate truffles, and cookies for holidays from Halloween to Father’s Day.  We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Our gourmet chocolate barks, full of nuts, toffee, dried fruits, and/or marshmallows, make a delicious more casual treat.  Since they are made with the same high-quality ingredients as our other candies, they are still a decadent treat.

In addition to our wonderful truffles and barks, we also have nuts & chews, all dipped in dark chocolate.  All of our Nuts & Chews assortments include our award-winning English almond toffee.  For those who enjoy their dark chocolate with rich, chewy caramel, honey almond nougat, crisp, buttery butterscotch, and roasted almonds (ground or whole), you’ll want to savor these candies.

If you want (or want to give) a monthly box of gourmet chocolate candies, we offer a monthly Chocolate Club with the following options: Toffee Lovers (our English almond toffee is extremely popular), Truffle Affair (our dark & white chocolatetruffles), Nutty for Chews (from our nuts & chews), and Adventures in Chocolate (any of our gourmet chocolate candies, as well as experimental candies).

For those who are carbohydrate-challenged, we offer no-sugar-added gourmet chocolates and candies.  We have a slightly more limited selection of these candies, because we only make candies with no-sugar-added when they taste as good as their sugar-full counterparts.