Valentine’s Lovin’


Caramel topped with honey sh’mallow n’ dark chocolate says it all.   Comes nestled in a box of 5.    Read More

For the kids … and for the adults


Nothing says white Christmas like mittens. Kiddos will enjoy this chocolate covered rice crispy mitten with a honey marshmallow cuff! Nuts & Chews or Truffles assortment come in the one-pound box for those sweet-lovin’ grown-ups. Here’s another idea: instead of a gingerbread house, present them with a chocolate house! And then there is the sled—pack it full of goodies just like Santa would.  Read More

Hostess Gift Ideas


Need a gift idea for the hostess who has everything? I bet she doesn’t have a Christmas carousel! Or we have a Yule Log, the ultimate symbol if hospitality, good cheer, good friends and family.  Read More

It’s Christmas!


Need a centerpiece for your Christmas table? Warm your toasties with the stocking and hearth fireplace! Any one of these decorated chocolate sculptures delight viewers–and eaters!  Read More

Classic variety


Here on one page, feast your eyes on our standard candies!  Read More

Speaking of classic…


Any time of year is a good time for nuts and chews. Did we mention our nutty candies always made with almonds? Unless otherwise specified, or unless you ask for a special order!  Read More

A new look to our classic truffles


Summer doesn’t have holiday shapes and flavors but chocolate is always in fashion. So we thought we’d take this opportunity to update the looks of a few of our favorite truffles. Same great taste; upgraded look. Enjoy!  Read More

Bunnies and duckies


1. Oreo cookies: Dipped in dark chocolate decorated with white chocolate bunnies 2. Faberge egg: dark chocolate with white chocolate bunny, 3 oz 3. Rubber Duckie: dark, milk or white, 2 oz 4. Rubber Duckie (as described above) and  foil egg: marshmallow covered in dark chocolate, assorted foil colors  Read More

Cookies galore


  Butter cookies dipped in white or dark chocolate, elegantly decorated.                Read More

S’more eggs!


Handmade marshmallows tucked between a graham cracker and dark chocolate. Pretty and amazing.  Read More