Bunnies and duckies

1. Oreo cookies: Dipped in dark chocolate decorated with white chocolate bunnies 2. Faberge egg: dark chocolate with white chocolate bunny, 3 oz 3. Rubber Duckie: dark, milk or white, 2 oz 4. Rubber Duckie (as described above) and  foil egg: marshmallow covered in dark chocolate, assorted foil colors  Read More

Cookies galore

  Butter cookies dipped in white or dark chocolate, elegantly decorated.                Read More

S’more eggs!

Handmade marshmallows tucked between a graham cracker and dark chocolate. Pretty and amazing.  Read More

Look what’s hoppin’ your way

It’s more than a cookie. It is a stunning gift. Delicious dark chocolate covered sugar cookie with beautiful white chocolate decoration.  Read More

Happy Easter!!!!

Ask to see our many stunning and delicious white chocolate Faberge eggs. Almost too pretty to eat.  Read More

Eggs ‘n eggs ‘n eggs!

1. Candy Eggs: white divinity, caramel yolk, molded in dark chocolate and wrapped in assorted foil 2. Egg S’mores: old time favorite graham crackers, marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate 3. Truffle Eggs: elegantly piped dark chocolate with raspberry, chocolate, or coffee truffle filling  Read More

Too pretty to eat

Faberge eggs: dark or white chocolate, 3 oz  Read More

Spring carrots ‘n deviled eggs

Deviled eggs: white chocolate filled with orange white-chocolate truffle Carrots: dark chocolate with green white-chocolate stem    Read More