A house of terror…gobble it up!!

Dark chocolate and milk chocolate slathered in caramel and coffee beans, decorated spooky-sure-to-please!  Read More

Ghosties spooky rice crispy treats!

Individually decorated dark chocolate dipped GHOSTS!  Read More

Día de Muertos in solid white chocolate

These lovelies are over an inch tall and embrace the Latin tradition of Day of the Dead.  Read More

Crispy rats! Ewwww….yummm!!!!

Halloween is the perfect time to get your gross on, and rice-crispy milk chocolate rates are a great way to do it!  Read More

S’more Mums!

Autumn colors are here! And Brehmer’s s’more-on-a-stick feels cozy to look at and to nibble on.  Read More

Pumpkins and vampires and corn, oh my!

Werewolf and Vampire on a stick: Fun halloween themed chocolate pop. Pumpkin-wrapped candies: Pistachio-laden chocolate pumpkins come in a bag of them! Corn cookie: A good autumn-themed Oreo cookie covered with milk chocolate      Read More

Halloween treasures

Halloween treasures come in the tasty variety. Fill up this chest with your choice of sugary-yum. Measures about 5″ tall, 6″ wide and 4″ deep, dark chocolate. Jack be grinnin’. Jack be quick. Jack be made of s’mores. Handmade honey marshmallow with graham cracker smothered in dark chocolate. Black N Orange truffle madness. Black Coffee filling, topped with a bean; orange truffle filling, topped with orange swirls. They’ll be mad there are... Read More

Haunted shacks and creeps

This all-edible chocolatey haunted shack needs re-roofed….or just tear off a piece and eat it. And try the mud. It’s delicious. Ghosties flutter about haunted places. However, dark chocolate on a stick will bring giggles instead of shrieks. Oversized webs with oversized spiders scuttle on oversized cookies. Yum.  Read More

Harvest Moon … and all that comes with it

Creatures of the night decorate the month of October. Bite into a smooshy chocolate dipped handmade marshmallow moon. Where there is moon, there is owl. Ours is made of caramel-marshmallow rice crispy treat decorated dark chocolate on a stick. On a sickle-moon night creepy bats swoop around. Unless they are made of milk or dark chocolate on a stick.  Read More