Dad’s like chocolate, too!

Classic choices for classy dads. Chocolate truffle-filled golf-balls. Solid chocolate neck-tie, decorated or plain. If that’s too straight, go nutty with a full pound (or half-pound) of Brehmer’s assorted Nuts ‘n’ Chews. Sure to please with all the favorites: Almond Toffee, handmade caramels, chocolate dipped nuts, chocolate dipped nougat, to name a few. Maybe he’s soft-hearted and Brehmer’s famous truffles would suit him more. Choose assortments... Read More

And more summer!

Chocolate covered butter-cookie-on-a-stick, and oh so pretty! Pic-nics are all about music and butterflies–that you have brought along.  Read More

Summer Sweetnesses

Chocolate-covered Oreo sunshine bursts, perfect for summer party hostess gift. Sunshine on-a-stick, bare or painted gold. For your visiting friends, solid chocolate trolley car. Chocolate dipped rice crispy treats bedecked with summer-yellow flowers.  Read More

Rainbow field of flowers

Just when you thought you’d seen the full bouquet, Brehmer’s Candies provides you with MORE flower and color choices! We are particularly partial to the little white wedding flowers. Or the sizzling hot orange ones.  Read More

Mother’s day: Chocolate + flowers all in one!

Solid chocolate tulips decorated in faberge-style flowers. Sure to please.  Read More