Well-favored hostess gifts

You’ll be hearing “Please pass the pumpkin truffles” if you include this on your spread. Yellow or red mums made of¬†marshmallow-caramel rice crispy treats dipped in sumptuous dark chocolate.  Read More

On our plates

The real deal or in chocolate, the Thanksgiving feast favorites that are sure to please. Small Turkey: S’mores made with our handmade honey marshmallow; Large Turkey: Hollow, still a full 3 oz of dark chocolate. And for dessert, slice up our oversized (4 inch diameter) Ginger Pie cookie.  Read More

Autumn is as autumn does

And autumn does do leaves and pumpkins! (Left to right) Maple leaf: Chocolate dipped ginger cookie; Oak leaf: Chocolate covered honey marshmallow; Acorns and foil-wrapped leaves: Solid dark chocolate. Pumpkin-decorated oreo cookie.  Read More