New Holiday Candies

Our holiday truffles are a specially selected assortment to celebrate the colors and flavors of winter, and includes raspberry, mint, coconut, chocolate, orange, and cranberry truffles.  As usual, these are made with dark chocolate and natural flavorings.  In the case of the raspberry, orange, and cranberry, the flavoring starts with fresh fruit.  Yeah, we cook the cranberries with some sugar and wine because otherwise they’re just too crunchy.  The fruit is then mixed... Read More

Truffles and ripples and chews, oh my!

Summer is the time for developing new ideas and flavors, and we have some winners for the 2011 holiday season. NEW TRUFFLE FLAVORS I’m not really fond of drinking port—it’s a little sweet for my tastes.  However, the thought occurred that it might make a good truffle.  Especially since friends who do like port have indicated that they really like it with chocolate.  So, Brehmer’s Candies now has Port Truffles.  We blend port with white chocolate for a creamy, fruity... Read More

Introducing chocolate barks (plus a new truffle flavor)

CHOCOLATE BARKS! And here I though chocolate was incapable of making noise! 😉  Chocolate barks seem to be more and more popular, so we’ve created a variety of new flavors of barks in time for the holidays.  As with all of our candies, we use gourmet chocolate for our chocolate barks. Nuts:  Our strictly nut barks are almond, pistachio, and cashew.  These are available in dark, milk, and/or white chocolate.  We use freshly roasted, lightly salted nuts for optimum flavor. “This... Read More