Valentine’s Lovin’

Caramel topped with honey sh’mallow n’ dark chocolate says it all.   Comes nestled in a box of 5.    Read More

Bunnies and duckies

1. Oreo cookies: Dipped in dark chocolate decorated with white chocolate bunnies 2. Faberge egg: dark chocolate with white chocolate bunny, 3 oz 3. Rubber Duckie: dark, milk or white, 2 oz 4. Rubber Duckie (as described above) and  foil egg: marshmallow covered in dark chocolate, assorted foil colors  Read More

Cookies galore

  Butter cookies dipped in white or dark chocolate, elegantly decorated.                Read More

S’more eggs!

Handmade marshmallows tucked between a graham cracker and dark chocolate. Pretty and amazing.  Read More

Look what’s hoppin’ your way

It’s more than a cookie. It is a stunning gift. Delicious dark chocolate covered sugar cookie with beautiful white chocolate decoration.  Read More

She deserves this.

A heart-shaped box of our best cherry truffles.  Read More

“I want s’more of you!”

Say it like it is–with our delicately decorated chocolate covered handmade marshmallows and graham crackers.  Read More

Well-favored hostess gifts

You’ll be hearing “Please pass the pumpkin truffles” if you include this on your spread. Yellow or red mums made of marshmallow-caramel rice crispy treats dipped in sumptuous dark chocolate.  Read More

Haunted shacks and creeps

This all-edible chocolatey haunted shack needs re-roofed….or just tear off a piece and eat it. And try the mud. It’s delicious. Ghosties flutter about haunted places. However, dark chocolate on a stick will bring giggles instead of shrieks. Oversized webs with oversized spiders scuttle on oversized cookies. Yum.  Read More

Harvest Moon … and all that comes with it

Creatures of the night decorate the month of October. Bite into a smooshy chocolate dipped handmade marshmallow moon. Where there is moon, there is owl. Ours is made of caramel-marshmallow rice crispy treat decorated dark chocolate on a stick. On a sickle-moon night creepy bats swoop around. Unless they are made of milk or dark chocolate on a stick.  Read More