Valentine’s Lovin’

Caramel topped with honey sh’mallow n’ dark chocolate says it all.   Comes nestled in a box of 5.    Read More

She deserves this.

A heart-shaped box of our best cherry truffles.  Read More

“I want s’more of you!”

Say it like it is–with our delicately decorated chocolate covered handmade marshmallows and graham crackers.  Read More

Nutty Valentine’s Day

If your valentine is a little nutty (in a good way), we have the candy for you!   Read More

Valentine’s Day Sneak Peak!

What is better than dark chocolate on Valentine’s Day? How about an old favorite covered in dark chocolate? Double hearts on Oreo cookies!    Read More

Have a (Big Chocolate) Heart

Elegant. Thick. Crispy. Smothered in dark chocolate. You know you want it. And you want it for your love.  Read More


Write a little letter. Tell ’em how you feel. Choose your chocolate. Pick your foil color. Comes with romantic-colored gel pen.    Read More

Valentine’s choices to your heart’s desire!

Chocolate Heart Smores.                   Nuts for the nuts.                                                       Handsome packaging for Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels.  Read More