Seasonal Candies


From Halloween to Mother’s Day we offer a variety of shapes and fillings to celebrate each holiday.

Seasonal candies feature gourmet dark, milk, and white chocolate, and include a greater variety of candies, such as hard candy and marshmallows.

Many of our seasonal candies come to life with extra hand-decoration of white chocolate.


  • Witches, jack-o-lanterns, cats, ghosts, bats, and other goblins in a variety of sizes, chocolates, and fillings. For those with a more macabre sense of humor, we also offer tombstones, Texas chainsaws (complete with blood spatters), ghoul fingers, cockroach clusters, and rat-on-a-stick. All of our Halloween goodies are completely edible and delicious, regardless of whether they look adorable or just a little creepy.

Autumn and Thanksgiving

  • Chocolate turkeys, pumpkins, and leaves, pumpkin pie truffles, caramel apples (chocolate apples filled with caramel), and more. These treats are beautiful party favors or edible decorations for your table or buffet.

Winter Holidays 

  •  Chocolate-dipped gingerbread cookies, chocolate cabins, trees, stockings, and other holiday novelties, in addition to a special holiday assortment of truffles.

Valentine’s Day

  •  Hearts and flowers, with a few cute critters to round things out. We use a variety of fillings so you’re sure to find something perfect for your sweetheart.

St. Patrick’s Day

  • Clovers, of course, but perhaps our best contribution to this holiday is our Irish Cream Truffles, flavored with Bailey’s Irish Cream©.


  • Beauty and sparkle. And eggs. Lots of eggs, filled with all kinds of good stuff. We also have bunnies and chicks, too.

Mother’s Day

  • Elegance and flowers, though it’s hard to go wrong with our truffles or nuts & chews for Mom.